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STEM Faculty Members

Use the Directory to find members alphabetically by name or use the box below to search for a member directly. There are 13 STEM Faculty members.
user iconJoseph McInerneyProject Researcher
user iconXiaodong ZhangPIICF International
user iconGlenn NyreProject Director, Advisory Board Member, Planning Committee MemberNyre and Associates, LLC
user iconRobyn BellWestat
user iconJoy FrechtlingPI, Project Director, Project EvaluatorWestat
user iconGavin FulmerProject EvaluatorWestat
user iconMolly Hershey-AristaProject ResearcherWestat
user iconJoan MichieProject StaffWestat
user iconAtsushi MiyaokaWestat
user iconGary SilversteinPIWestat
user iconJohn WellsProject Researcher, Project StaffWestat
user iconAmber WinklerProject GuestWestat
user iconBeatrice LaumanProject EvaluatorWestat, Inc